Understanding your Users’ cross channel Journey

Today’s marketing executives want to better understand the users’ journey across several channels and devices in order to maximize their marketing efforts and increase their bottom lines. Google Analytics Blog has a nice read on that here.
Gone are the days of the 20,000-foot view of your marketing efforts where it is easy to look at year over year data and happily conclude “Our revenue was up 47% over the same time last year or even the prior month”. Instead, you must dive down into the data to identify the true causes of what is increasing or costing you revenue.
One example of this was an international consumer company.
We performed a complete audit of their online marketing program that was designed by their new marketing vendor. While we did confirm that their revenue had increased 47%, there was much more to the story.
Our SEM audit revealed the following: Their vendor recommended certain targeting areas of what they termed “low hanging fruit”. We discovered that in one area their average cost per conversion was $300+. And on another area, the cost per conversion was 1011% higher. These findings along with knowing that their actual sites average order value was less than $200, now by identifying these two money pits, we set out making these our first priority of actionable items that needed address ASAP.
These two findings alone once identified and optimized brought each area cost per conversion down below $90 and lowered their overall campaign cost/conversion by 51%. Now overall revenue was still up but not as high. Our findings also determined that their paid channels they had been using for several years could no longer sustain the growth rate year over year and new ones would have to be tried to get the revenue growth they were looking for.
Digital marketing is a critical component in every company’s budget. Spend your money wisely by investing in a qualified and proven individual who can literally show you how each dollar is spent and what it is bringing to you. Your company’s future depends on it.

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