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Your SEO Site Audit will include the following:

Status Report seo status reporting
This site overview section will include feedback on five ranking factor categories for your website. These categories range from important to essential for a SEO Competitive site which includes content, links, domain name and search engine friendliness to name a few. It also provides you with a Search Engine Rankings Report (for Google, Yahoo and Bing). This is based on several industry standards combined with our 10+ years of seo experience to generate your SEO score card.

Areas of Concern seo site issues
Based on the evaluation process, the SEO Site Audit can determine if your site cannot be indexed by search engines due to site design issues. If you have broken link, missing alt tags or lacks relevant keywords/content.

Recommendations seo recommendations
Our recommendations start with implementing a digital marketing measuring tool, the key is to be able to measure what you are doing so you can take action. They also include both SEO & SEM recommendations. This should be based on your budget, as well as your web marketing goals and timeline. Search Engine Optimization solutions can be implemented in-house or provided by SeoCincinnati.

Our intention is to help you to understand how to gain the knowledge that will assist you in taking control of your site's potential.

Worst case scenario; you may need the complete site redeveloped because it is just not capable of having anything worthwhile done to it - Best case scenario, you will be able to put many simple changes into effect at little or no cost that will make a difference within a short time frame.
When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, there will always be things you can control and things you can't. One thing is for certain - unless you know the difference, you'll spend most of your time guessing. It's always easy to be critical even if that is not the intention but at SeoCincinnati we don't set out to be destructive - instead, we offer information that is constructive, current and forward thinking.


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