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How to Use Your Email Marketing Effectively.

Here are some things you need to consider when using your email for marketing.

  • Don’t Use Email to Only Sell
    The biggest problem that I see is that companies use their emails exclusively to try to sell things. The messages they send revolve around product offers, discounts and free shipping. Emails from B2B companies, on the other hand, are always trying to push the recipients toward engaging with sales people. While this approach is okay every now and then, it should occur only after a company has earned the attention of its email subscribers.
  • Earn the Attention of Email Subscribers
    The emails you send to people need to lead with something valuable or educate, plus make it free. It can be a link to a video, a new webinar or some type of industry report or an infographic. In this way, your recipients will be excited to open your messages because they will expect to see real value there. So, before sending your next email, ask yourself: Is this going to be benefit  to the person I am sending it to?
  • RIGHT TIME VS. REAL TIME Many marketers use "right time" and "real time" interchangeably. In reality, real-time messaging is a component of right-time messaging, and marketers should look at it
    this way. Simply delivering a message in real time (immediately following an action online or an event in the customer database) does not necessarily make it the "right time." There are many applications in which real-time messaging is business critical. When a order is complete and has been shipped. Out of stock or on back order these are know as real time email response. Some examples of right time emails could be abandon cart emails, sale ending or warranty and product life span ending.  In the end, right-time marketing can mean different things to different brands or different communications, and it is critical that an organization's email platform is able to execute their emails at exactly the right time, whenever that might be.

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