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Our Keyword Strategy process

More than 75% of consumers are finding businesses online through search engines and that percentage is growing faster each day. How do they find them? By using keywords and you should be taking advantage of this consumer pipeline by optimizing your website around the keywords that are relevant to your business and services by targeting keywords consumers are using to find your products and services not your competitors. This will increase your chances of getting found by people searching with those keywords, which will drive quality traffic to your business‟ website.

While it’s difficult to know exactly which keywords will get the most relevant people to find your business, there are ways to determine the popularity and competitiveness of certain keywords. That is where SeoCincinnati comes in; you can also test and analyze how effective different keywords are in drawing visitors to your site.

As a business professional, you should make sure the right people are finding your business online. SeoCincinnati will help you define which keywords will maximize your potential to draw in relevant traffic from search engines.

Keyword research is an ongoing process that should be followed closely. It gives valuable insight in terms of industry trends and product demand. Comprehensive keyword research can help a business grow its organic traffic and save you from spending money on pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns as well.

Keyword Reporting

Want to know every keyword that your site ranks for in Google, Yahoo! and MSN?  Our  Keyword Ranking Report tells you all of this and more. This report is  simple, we report on all your URL's  and how they rank for the keyword terms and phrases they are optimized for in  all the search engines, you get;

  • Monthly rankings in up to 6 major search engines (industry or niche engines done upon request)
  • Month to month comparison and progress reporting.

SEO — search engine optimization — is one of the most important marketing activities available to companies and publishers, but it’s too often considered some murky “dark art” or a sinful practice that should be avoided. It’s not. To help clear away some of the mystery and fear for those new to SEO, and provide a “reset” for those who are experienced, Search Engine Land has created the Periodic Table of SEO below